Sunday, August 12, 2012

FFT#22 - Diane

Got finished with Diane's block yesterday...and here is the result.
The center is where the most work is. I tried to keep the look and feel of the countryside scene, without overpowering the muted style of the fabric colors.
The chickens are partially covered in stitches. Mostly straight stitches with some detached chain (lazy daisy) stitches for the waddles; the tail feathers are fly stitch and straight stitch.
Some straight stitches to outline parts of the farm house, and the fence. The weight of threads is different of course. 
Added a little bush along the fence on the left side...with tiny knots for buds/berries...which ever is your personal preference.
The left side had a little apple tree...which was just wrong in scale. It was too little to ever be bearing apples...and the apples that were on it were way too large as well. Really "bugged" I changed it into a rose bush.
Added some five angle prawns and french knots to the center to help bring out some color, texture, and frame in the center...without disturbing the seams too much, just in case the next person(s) might want to work there.
Last, added a hand-dyed piece of lace with a gold tone metal rooster...and love the contrast...
And a seam to the top area with lace trim, stitching, beads, and aluminum roses.
I enjoyed stitching on the block...and hope that Diane will like the work.
It's in the envelope and will be mailed to Lee on Monday!

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