Saturday, August 11, 2012

How Rude Do You Think I Am???

As you know...if you follow my blog...I love to stitch crazy quilt blocks. Especially, when they are part of Round Robin challenges.
Of course, in a round don't have control over the entire it is not yours. But, you do have control over the part you stitch.
This is the block I'm working on right now...and I'm the first person to stitch on it.
See that copper metallic jumbo rickrack in the bottom left corner?...the block owner put it was on the block when it arrived.
Does she like it so much that she was just jumping up and down at an opportunity to add some to this block? Or, did she just not want to send the block forward with raw edges on this specific motif, and that was the only trim in a color to match her she used it? I don't know. 
And, I'm not saying that it looks doesn't. Just doesn't fit MY idea of a French Countryside like the center fabric does.
So...I have asked the owner if I can remove and replace it...and am awaiting for her reply. 

See this lace motif? If cut out the center...leaving only the outside edge is a perfect fit around this lovely mother hen and chicks. So, I want to swap out something already on the block...for something I think works better to balance the block in theme, color, and style.
And, here's a closer look at the center...which I've been stitchin on. See the beautiful French Style country scene? I just think the lace goes better than the metallic trim...but that's my opinon only. And it's not my block. And the OWNER put the trim on there in the first place. So, I asked if I could change it...
So, how rude do you think that is?
Would you ask the owner and/or prior stitcher about "removing" or "swapping" something? And, that leads me to a couple of other thoughts...
Are you comfortable "adding" to someone else's previously stitched portion of the block? Like stitching some beads or embroidery on top of an unadorned lace motif? Or adding a second "combination" to a plain zigzag seam? 
If not, is there an instance when you might consider it?
And have you done any addition or removal before?
I have...and always ask the stitcher and/or owner if I can before hand. But, am I the only lone stitcher out here that has little qualms about "touching" any part of the block when it gets to be my turn? ESPECIALLY when I'm the last stitcher before the block goes home...
So, how rude am I? Go ahead, let me have it...I can take it!

ETA: My portion of the block is complete now. I'll post tomorrow photos of what the end result looks like. The owner did get back with me and she likes her rickrack, so it is staying. This is fine; as it is her block and her preference. Later on, she did say that I could change it if I really wanted too. But, it was already in the envelope ready to be mailed by, the next person might ask the same question. Hugs!

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