Saturday, September 1, 2012

Editorial - Etsy Beaded Items

All of the beaded items in the Etsy shoppe are traveling to Branson, MO with me this month...and hoping to sale all of them. So, if you have been wanting a beaded scissors fob; or a gorgeous beaded spider necklace; or some crystal Christmas earrings...better get them now. Cause what ever is on the site will be pulled for the trip in a couple of will not be made again. 
Hugs! I'm been lazy most of the day...and planning on watching television (movies) with Aidan this not getting much done.
Did finish some curtains and a changing table cover for my niece today...and repaired a little dress that she has pulled the elastic out of. Still working on my Alphabet Soup blocks...but no new projects to share.
Hope y'all are having a very relaxing Saturday...and weekend!

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