Monday, September 3, 2012

More Alphabet Soup

After Aidan left on Saturday afternoon, I sat down (needed too!) and stitched a little more on my Alphabet Soup blocks. Got three finished and thought you might like to see my progress. The fabrics at the top will be my solid blocks. The middle one looks really orange in the photo, but it is more of a dark coral, pink, yellow.
Here is a closeup of the "K" embroidery block.
Simple embroidery...stem stitch, lazy daisy, French knots, fly stitch, and wrapped rose. They are working up pretty quickly and have been a good little project to work on in the evenings.
My muse is also working...I'm not even finished with this little quilt top and already she wants to do one totally in redwork with the fabric blocks done in four-patch triangles of reds instead of solid squares. Now, that's a good idea...and I'll probably do that at some time. But, she has not stopped there...she wants to do one in pastels with shabby chic fabrics done in crazy patch for the solid blocks. NOW I'm in serious trouble...I REALLY want to do that. But, you know how many other projects I have going...she always has such great ideas...and I always have so little time!

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