Monday, October 22, 2012

Cool & A Great Price!

You don't have to spend a load of cash to find some really cool things! Check out these items I got yesterday at my local Family Dollar's a kind of "dime store"...but everything isn't a dollar. But, not far from it!
 This box is the last of their summer line of boxes..and matches some I got earlier this year. Cost: $4 ea
 Socks! Aidan is always needing these! A single package has 4 pairs. Cost: $3.50 ea
Mini diaper bags! The blue and green come without a bow...and the pink has a lovely brown bow. I think these would make great bags for little girls to have their "baby clothes" and things in. For Aidan, it will be a great bag for her to keep her "stuff" in to take on overnights! For me, it will be a great little organizer for projects to take and keep everything together. Cost: $7 ea
If I rode would be great to just have a bit of lunch and a couple of water bottles tucked in the side pockets. And the inside is lined in a water-resistant fabric too!
Oh, and the little blue headband in the first photo (I know some of you will ask)...was only a buck!
Great finds...don't you think?

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