Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Long Day...but Fit for a Princess

 There wasn't much sewing done yesterday...but more on that in a minute. Here is my biggest "find" of the day...a lovely pearl/crystal headband for Aidan. 
 The price says 14.99...but it was 50% off...so was really just 7.50. Still a bit much for a little girls headband...but not outragious. 
 And it went so nicely with the other two items already purchased at Hobby Lobby before. These are part of my "Christmas Stash" of things for Aidan this year. The little pink/brown "overnight bag" I shared with you yesterday...is getting filled with "stuff". 
 And here is where I'm hiding all of my treasures until they get wrapped for Christmas...the top shelf in my office! In plain site! The 12/25 reference on the box...is for me...so I don't (hopefully) have to search all over the house for this stash when I get ready to wrap presents...Ha! Do you have a special stash place? Is it "out in the open"? 
I also got some special little miniature stuffed animals in the dollhouse area...and have plans for those. But, I'll have to save that for later...to see if my muse is as creative as she things! A secret! Sssshhhh...no fair telling! At least, not just yet!
It was a long day because I spend 3 hours sitting in the doctor's office...and, because I was more concerned about my trip to Hobby Lobby for threads after that visit...I did not even think to grab any projects to work on while gone! A wasted couple of hours for sure! Lesson learned in that trip!
 Last night, I did get a little stitching done however...more "faux pearls" finished on the christening gown. They are not perfect...but look pretty good in real life. With all the dogwood and roses...they will be just fine I'm sure.

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