Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christening Gown - Pearls Completed

The satin stitched circles .... "pearls" .... are now finished. They are done in 2-ply DMC white floss, with white straight stitches as the under padding stitching.
Now, stitching on the ribbon has begun...done in 4-ply DMC silver gray floss...and stem stitch. I want the bow and the monogram areas to be more prominent than the floral in terms of stitch size. The floral areas will be more delicate and have some color. It would be easy for them to over-power the simple design of the bow and center because of the amount of flowers and the addition of color. The satin stitching of the pearls, the dense stitching of the monograms, and the thickness of the ribbon outside edge will hopefully offset the amount of the floral and create a good balance. At least, in my muse's design will go together wonderfully. We shall see....

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