Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christening Gown - Rosebuds

I'm starting to work on the rosebuds at the top of the design for the christening gown. At first thought, these were going to be satin stitch in two shades of pink. But, after all of those satin stitch "pearls" I just could not face doing more of the same stitch! So, I decided on bullion rose buds...which I also love! The center is 3 bullion stitches in a color slightly darker than the two side bullion stitches.
The leaves along the stem are also bullion stitches, done in a medium light gray green.
I like the way that these are looking and think that they will be good with the dogwood bloom...which I'll work on next.
The bow is also stitched now, and I took photos...and thought that I had posted deleted them when I started this post. Of course, I didn't post them...duh! So, I'll get some more photos taken tomorrow and show you the bow too!
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