Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ely's Christening Gown...Beginning

 Free Design For You!!
Today I got my fabric out for Ely's gown. It is an ecru linen...and will have white/beige/tan/pink embroidery on the skirt and top. The pattern I settled on is pretty simple...so the embroidery and lace needs to be nice. My niece picked out some trim lace for the sleeves an skirt...but I found a prettier one that I'm seriously thinking of using also...or instead. We'll see how that goes.
 Spent a few hours this afternoon staring at the computer screen and drawing, re-drawing...changing my mind...deleting...drawing again...changing my mind...over and over until I got an embroidery design finished that I will like stitching. I love the dogwood flower...and it just screams out in symbolizm and has deep Southern roots...and I also adore little baby rose buds...so these are both part of the design. The bow will be stitched in shadow embroidery. And, of course...when the stitching begins...you'll get to see loads of photos. 
If you would like to use this design...you may. Just remove the initials for Miss Elizabeth Jane and insert your own. If you don't have any initial designs...I would welcome you purchasing one of my Embroidery Quilt Patterns (Alphabet Soup)...and you'd get 26 letters...all can be sized to fit the oval in this design...just ignore the flowers in their quilt block design. (Sorry for the blatant advertisement ...but I worked hard on that pattern set and want you to enjoy them...they really are super cool!)
Edited to Add: Got the design traced on to the skirt front...didn't take too long...about an hour. Thank goodness for my light table!

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