Sunday, October 7, 2012

Drawing Anyone?

We have not had a drawing for a prize in a little, to celebrate my return home today (sometime later on) are two patterns for you!
One drawing...for both patterns. I'll pick a random comment first thing Monday morning, and try to contact you...if I can get an email to have to just let me know where to mail them.
Just leave a comment...that's all...easy peasy!
First pattern is a lovely Christmas Stocking...monograms and holly..and the stocking is large...
 ...plenty of apples and oranges....or lumps of coal will fit in here!
 Next, a cute little pattern for a penny rug...
...done in wools traditionally...these also look sweet in felts...siting on a little table. Or even under the pet bowls! Seriously...I would so put one there if I had one. Hey, why don't I keep this and do it for Buddy!
No, too late...I'm gonna keep my word and let y'all have all the fun. 
Edited at 12:09 on Monday, 15 October: FINALLY... WE HAVE A WINNER! After randomly drawing three other numbers...and sending emails...(more than once) for two of the ladies...without response after a week. And the first number drawn...didn't have an email on her I could not even send a note of winning.
The final winner is Pam! And, I'm glad to see her win she is a close friend that always comments on the drawings...and I never have drawn her number. So, today as her lucky day!!


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