Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thank You Ladies! And...a Help?

First off...I have to say right up front...that I just had the most marvelous weekend! The ladies of Meridian, Mississippi are very kind and a feeble minded thing like me! artwork above. The weekend started my gracious hostess "Jacky" arriving at my home, with her equally wonderful husband "Dave" (in tow)...and we loaded all of my class materials and stuff...and headed off for a grand weekend.
We stopped for lunch...and that is where the concern I had left my purse on the top of the freezer in my kitchen. I LEFT MY PURSE! WHAT WOMAN DOES THAT! So, I am seriously looking for I need a keeper. The job does not pay well, and the hours are horrible...there is bound to be loads of extra things to be done that are not in the original job description...and most of the time...the employer (me) probably will be so distracted by other things...that you will not even be noticed.
But, if you are interested...please apply! Starting date is now!!!
So, after Jackie and Dave both calmed me down...assuring me that I really had no need for money, my insurance card, my drivers license, my Excedrin, my toothbrush and toothpaste...and had more than enough to keep me busy so the Redwork blocks would also not even be missed...we kept on going down the interstate.
And,...they were both right. Dave has stock in Colgate I think...because he was just super quick producing that toothbrush and paste...and he went to CVS the following get me some Zyrtec for my allergies that decided to get cranked up right away...he's a keeper...and Jackie knows it too! Way to go girlfriend!!
Oh, and Jackie's should just see it! Marvelous! Constructed in the Frank Lloyd Wright style...just a piece of art! Loads of symmetry...and balance...warm and inviting...and the craftsmanship of all that wood...just a marvel! I felt like a princess on top of that gorgeous heirloom bed...with my own bath...and being served my meals with linen napkins! I didn't ask for meals in bed...but I bet Jackie would have done it had I wanted it! So gracious! A real Southern Lady...and wonderful hostess. Of course, I would have expected no less from a gal born in the great state of Mississippi...especially in Meridian!
And, I did manage to wrangle some cool pieces from her fabric collection of swatches before departing...look how great these two look with my Paris fabrics!
And...she sent me home with a beautiful piece of lace too...TO DIE FOR!
Not to be outdone...Mr Dave let me run off with several spools of delicious antique thread. Some of the cream can be used for quilt basting...but the rest will go on my display shelf in the sewing room. He also donated some spools to the ladies in the class.
But...the best part of the entire trip...was getting to teach fifteen ladies a little about silk ribbon flowers. We had a good long talk (mostly I talked...and they listened)...and I talked a lot! They worked until they looked like they were ready to drop...but each was smiling. They went home with more work to be done, but I'm confident that they will have a wonderful time creating ribbon masterpieces!
After a lovely night at the Meridan Opera House...listening to stupendious jazz music, we crashed and slept Saturday...and made our way home on Sunday.
We stopped off at a bookstore for coffee in Tuscaloosa...and lunch at Olive Garden in Oxford...before unloading all my suitcases and such back at the house. Then, Jackie got back she could get home before dark. I missed talking to soon as she left the driveway. But, I'm pretty sure...her right ear was already bleeding from all the chatter of mine it had endured...and the quiet drive back home "hopefully" repaired any damage...geez, hoping that the damage is not permanent.
"Ssssshhh....don't tell her...but I left my purchase from the bookstore in the backseat of her car..."
"Did I mention....I have a job opening for a KEEPER?".....
See y'all tomorrow I'm pooped!

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