Wednesday, November 14, 2012

CQJP 2012 Continues..

Finally...I have gotten a few hours to work on my CQJP2012 blocks again! I'm still terribly bored with all this white....and surprised that I do not have more "white stuff" in my stash! But, it has caused me to get creative...and that's a good thing of itself I suppose.
White is also so hard to photograph! I'll not be doing this type of block style again, anytime soon...regardless of what my muse thinks! And, she ALWAYS thinks she is right!
 The little this butterfly...
 ...and this spider...are just really hard to see when the block is white...and so are they!
Today, I'm heading out to shop a little with my friend Pam (who just called and asked me), who know what else might get accomplished today...probably not much! Ha! But, we'll have fun anyhow!

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