Friday, November 16, 2012

FFT #22 Block Completed for Lee

Worked some more last night to finish up the crazy patch block for Lee, in the FFT #22 round robin at CQI. Lee's block was "detained" by the postal system by a couple of weeks...causing the group some distress. Thankfully, it finally arrived...and I've been stitching away to try and get it caught up in the timeline so that Lee did not have to wait too long for her block to come home.
 The ladies before me did a wonderful job of filling up the block, not leaving a lot of work for me! I added a couple of seams and some charms...but, must have been really tired last night, because all of the photos of the seams close up are so blurred...the only really decent photo is of the silk ribbon and embroidery area that I added to the block.
 So, hopefully, when the block arrives home...Lee will add more photos to her group album!
It will go to the post office...with tracking!!...some time this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

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