Thursday, November 29, 2012

Little Finger Pincushions Tutorial

I'm knee deep in draperies for my have been quiet lately. But, last night, I sat and did a few little finger pincushions. These will just be little thank you gifts for friends. Finger pincushions have been around for a long while...and are easy to make. 
Start with a piece of fabric that is 4.5 inches square. I like to use silk scraps, but practically any fabric will do. Fold the piece in half, right-side-together. This will give one folded side, and two open sides. Seam both of the open sides closed...but leave about |------ 1.5 inches -------| at the center of one side open so you can stuff the pin cushion later. After stitching, turn the pin cushion, right-side-out. Stuff the center and bottom point area well. Stitch up the closure on the side. Now, match the two top corners (at opposite ends of the fold) and stitch these together. This makes a "hole" for your finger to go.
  The tack stitches are just regular wrap stitches...just lots of them! You can then cover this area with yarn, ribbon, or more thread wraps if you choose. I didn't and it doesn't bother me...hugs!
Before you ever should decide if you want a plain pin cushion...or a fancy one. These can be "dressed up" by embellishing on the bottom point area...but not too heavy, or you'll never get them turned right-side-out! Hugs! Any embellishments should be stitched before you so any seams of the sides.
Here are some ideas for embellishing.

Wrapped Roses are a favorite...because they hold up well to long time wear. Here, these are done in a rayon ribbon with metallic edges. Detached chain leaves are in silk ribbon. The base (which you can not see) is a five-spoke of perle cotton thread for the wrapped roses.
This wrapped rose is silk ribbon, and includes two French Knot buds, and some detached chain leaves. The base is basic embroidery in perle and chenille threads with a few seed beads added.

Most all of these examples have some added embroidery stitching as a background. These roses are also wrapped...but in chenille cords (like yarn). I got these too close to the fold...and they would be prettier if I had stitched them a little closer to the bottom point. The embroidery is in silk threads with some seed beads added. 

Lastly, this one has eyelash and perle cotton embroidery work with some gathered ribbon flowers and seed beads. Then, the fish and starfish charms were added...and...Yes, it WAS hard to turn out!
Finger pincushions are fun to do...don't take a lot of materials...and make really cute little gifts to have on hand for other ladies...especially stitching friends.

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