Wednesday, November 28, 2012 pretty! And a great deal!

We all love a great, let me tell you about the one I found. It started as a fluke...during a trip to a quilt shop...while on retreat in Missouri. I saw some thread by Ricky Tims that I thought might be okay for crazy quilt embellishment...but was not sure. So, I bought two spools. I don't remember the price, but it was less than $10 a spool. Finally, I got around to using it...and it was similar to 1/16 braid that I have from Krenik. I checked...the spool of braid was 10 meters...and the spool I just picked up from the quilt shop was 110 yards. Wow! Quite a difference! And the Ricky Tims thread was also cheaper than the Krenik braid for sure.
So, I went hunting for more...and found that Superior Threads makes the thread for is called Razzle Dazzle...and is used primarily for the bobbin work in art quilts. So, hey...before they realize we crazy ladies will use it to...and jack up the price...jump on the train and get you some.
I ordered more...and now have all the colors above. The white spool has 88 yards...but all the other colors seem to come in 110 yard spools. 
I got mine from Soft Expressions for $6.30 a spool. But, you can order from Ricky Tims site too...he sales them for $6.99
The thread has about nine threads in the twist, and holds up really well for seams in lengths about 20 inches long. And, you can even do French knots with it!
I know, I know...I'm an enabler...but, I can't help it...this really is a great deal!


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