Friday, December 7, 2012

I Think I'm Channeling Lucille Ball...

cause this week is just that crazy! 
I got a wonderful surprise this morning. Well, not a complete surprise, as Aidan had "asked" me last night if she got up before I did (and that NEVER EVER happens)...could she make me some toast.
"Sure, no problem" was my response.
Well, before the clock went off...I hear this little voice right next to the bed...
"Nana, I made you some breakfast...are you awake?"
Ha! Well, I am now...I think.
So, I try to open my eyes...and there in front of me, is the sweetest little angel.
She has a cookie sheet in her hands, with a dishtowel placed on top of it. And on that, she has a saucer with two pieces of buttered toast, and a glass of milk.
Now, how special is that!?
So, I try to sit up in bed and smooth the covers down, as she waits patiently.
I get situated and almost have the sleep out of my eyes when I really see that glass of milk. Oh boy, that would be awful to spill as she sits that tray, let me reach out and get that first.
And, guessed it. I promptly hit the glass...spilling milk all over Aidan, me,  the bed quilt, and my sheet.
I kept apologizing...cause I knew I had ruined the surprise...and she kept saying "It's okay Nana, it's my fault, cause you were not awake yet."
Now, how special is she? Very, I'm thinking!! Very, very!
Now...she is off to school...and my bed is still wet...the washer is broken...and I'm just gonna have to air the edge of the mattress and hope for the best. But, regardless...I'm feeling pretty special this morning...cause I'm surely loved!
Even, if I am channeling Lucille Ball...cause my life should be on television as a slap-stick comedy at times!
How about you? Does Lucy visit your house too?


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Susan Elliott said...

That Aidan can come visit me anytime she wants. And she can bring her volcano with her too. Loved this story...