Friday, December 7, 2012

You Know You're Country When...

... you can repair your washing machine on the front porch!

It is somewhat disconcerning to have parts of your washing machine...sitting in your kitchen.

Here is little brother, taking out everything that is screwed down... to get to the real problem. Sorry the photo is so blurry, but he is not all that happy at the I was hurrying. The washer and dryer are in my large walk-in closet off the bedroom. The wooden table in the foreground, is actually a small wooden desk of Aidan's...with tools and parts n it.

Kyle, my daughter's boyfriend, was on hand to help carry the machine up and down the steps...and is helping tighten (or loosen) screws while Johnny (dear little brother) is busy cleaning out the water pump.

Then, the outside water hose is hooked to the machine...and an extension cord...and it is loaded with towels for a test run. Here, the machine is just finishing spinning you can tell by the small amount of water still dripping from the hose. All is well...and we only have one extra screw left over!

Doesn't it look content back upstairs in it usual place...and purring like a kitten. There was a lot of lint stuck here and, it must feel "like a new machine".

Too much excitement for Buddy. Company just tires him out...and, He is now under the table in the office...and snoring as I type!


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