Saturday, December 8, 2012

Draperies, draperies, draperies...

Sewing boring. Just many, many, many straight seams. But, sewing draperies that have cotton linings...and "questionable content"outer fabric...with cotton borders boring.
  It's frustrating at best...could be called challenging...but, mostly just nerve racking! These fabrics want to shift, wiggle, and crawl...they do not want to play nicely with each other! I measure, pin, re-measure, re-pin, finally just sew and pray!
These are my big sewing project at the moment...and will continue for a few days at best.
It's critical that I take little breaks to stitch something else too...not because I have the time...but, because when I get "bored" or "frustrated" then, I get hasty...and then the job is not done at the best level of quality that I can muster. That's something that I've learned about myself...if my mind is not on the will get screwed up! So, when I get too frustrated or bored with the "challenge"...I stop, and go to another project. That kind of re-sets my brain...and coming back to the drapes is better in a little while.
I also find that I get tired...and sewing on them in the evening is not a good idea. 
Morning or middle of the day...that's the best time for "difficult" tasks for me.
What about you? 

Edited to add: If you need help with basic sewing skills..check out this post from

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