Monday, December 10, 2012

Treats for Me... a late birthday present and an early Christmas present...I decided to spend a few dollars on myself this month. So, I allotted a mear $40 in my monthly budget just for something I wanted. It wasn't a "need" or even a "must have" was just something that would enjoy. 
Books...and I got a few, because most were "used". They are on their way to the house...and this first one cost the most...cause I got it new. But, it is so worth the cost.
It is absolutely loaded down with embroidery designs, so I should be able to have hours and hours of fun just stitching these there are 375 of them in the book! It is also a good reference for about a dozen different embroidery stitches...and includes two simple monogram alphabets. 
Just my kind of book...I like a little meat...and not a lot of fluff. When I spend my money on a book...I want to use it, and so many time...after a few minutes, they just dust the shelf!
I recommend this workbook by Brian Haggard called Embroidered Memories.
Do you have it too?
If so, how do you like it?

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