Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lady 1 - Done

In the evenings, while watching television with Aidan...I like to keep busy. Nothing too involved, reviewing a magazine or some basic crazy quilt seams (not the beads and sequins part)...just something to keep my hands busy. So, why not stitch on some simple embroidery pieces? I traced off a few designs, and will just work myself through the stack.
First up is a lady with a bonnet. I've wanted to do an embroidery quilt top with parasol ladies, bonnet ladies, or southern belles. I'm thinking that mother would also like that style of, why not add them to the stack of "waiting to embroidery blocks". We'll see how long it takes for me to actually get to the "quilt construction" part...ha!
If you enjoy embroidery of different subjects...I'd suggest you go to and search their site for embroidery designs. There are quite a few ladies that post some vintage designs that you can embroidery for your own use...not for sale.


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