Friday, December 14, 2012

Taking a Little Staycation...

What’s a staycation?  Mirriam-Webster defines staycation as a vacation spent at home or nearby”  For my staycation I don’t know what I’m doing, or where I’ll be doing it, but I probably won’t be posting here on my blog. 
I’m letting you know in advance so you don’t worry about me, mainly Pam, who seems to fret if I don’t post on a regular basis.  Thanks for your concern, but I’m fine, I just need a break and a staycation sounds like what I need.

I'll be posting the CQJP Photos on that blog...and reading emails briefly (can't stop everything cold turkey!). But, I will be spending less time on the laptop...and hoping to get more stitching done...or, dare I say,...even some reading!
My Staycation begins on Saturday and will continue until the 3rd of January!
I encourage you to consider a staycation too!
Hugs, see ya in a couple of weeks!


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