Friday, January 25, 2013

Black Heart Three

Here's the third black block in my Heart swap. This design was inspired by a similiar one for a tattoo. That design had overlapping stars, all five pointed. I did not want the stars to overlap, but sit side by side...and made them five-point and six-point stars. 
I'm thinking that this design would be nice stitched in red and blue on white background...for a USA themed patriotic quilt block. I'm thinking I might stitch a Quilts of Valor wall hanging of this design...for a wonderful lady I know who works tirelessly on collecting and creating quilts for the QoV project. I don't have enough red/white/blue fabric for an entire quilt...but think I have enough for a wall-hanging size tribute for her.
As always, you are welcome to download and save this photo design for your own use.


1 comment:

Elisabetta said...

thank you so much for this lovely heart!
I madly love stars, and this pattern is simply adorable to me ^_^