Thursday, January 24, 2013

Found....but not Lost?

Hardanger is a pulled thread technique that requires the removal of some threads from a fabric (usually a counted thread type fabric); and replacement of those threads with some type of connecting stitch. Hardanger work is beautiful, and it is time consuming. While looking for something else...I came across this little "almost finished" project. I had completely forgotten about, it wasn't "lost"...but it has definitely been found!
I started this project when I lived in south Alabama, near Ft Rucker...and also remember taking it with me on work trips (to stitch in the hotel rooms) when I was working for Army Audit Agency in their Atlanta Field Office. I also remember the piece was too difficult to work on in the hotels, because the lighting from hotel lamps was just too bad (and my eyesight before my Lacis surgery). So, I had packed it away, along with the thread, needle, and little scissors too! So, it has been safely resting...since about 1999. Amazing that I had forgotten all about it and even more amazing that it was not discarded in my relocation to north Alabama...but has remained sitting...and waiting...for me to "re-discover it" inside one of my craft boxes.
There are a few little places where it is idea how or what caused them. But, after a bath, most of that is no longer noticeable (photos are before the bath).
 I'm surprised that I didn't leave very much room to the right and left of the design. This will prevent me from framing it, as it would not be enough fabric to tack to stretcher bars. But, it is enough for me to sew fabric to...and create a pillow. Perhaps that was my original intent...or, perhaps I just didn't think. Either is quite possible! Hugs!
So, we shall see what this little found project now becomes...perhaps a gift? The stitching is now all done, and the piece has been washed, dried, and pressed flat. Now, it is rolled up onto a cardboard tube and covered with fabric outside to prevent any other damage...until I can make my pillow. Let's hope I don't wait so long to "find it" again!

Have you "found" things that were hidden so long that you forgot you even had them?
I hope so...I'd hate to be the only "crazy lady" out here in CyberVille!
Hugs! Hope y'all have a great day today!


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