Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bracelet Continues

Decisions, decisions, decisions. What beads to add to the cabachones on the black leather bracelet?
I auditioned quite a few ideas; and right away wanted to bring the design out towards the a must would be adding some triangle or oval shaped beads. Ovals were just too similiar in shape to the finally, I settled on leaves.
What to do around the center cabochon? I want to add some crystals...but, these large montees might be too much?
Here are some of the other ideas that I (and my muse) auditioned.

Finally, this last option was almost the end result. More leaves to balance the ones added to the sides...and some black to subdue the bright of the blue crystals. But, I didn't like that space between the black montees. So, I included a small montee in blue to each side. I added some seed beads and hexes to the end of the leaves to widen the beading a little and bring it around the bracelet.
Now, I'm happy with the general idea. Next is to sew everything in place.
 Here is the finished bracelet top.Instead of beading the entire surface, I'm going to leave some leather showing. My daughter is not too "girly". She is a welder by, I'm thinking that this more "biker look" would be more to her liking.
Tomorrow, we attached the felt to the bottom and sew everything together...encasing the metal bracelet shape between the leather top and the felt bottom.



Lee said...

love this Kathy, want to make one with a watch finding in center. Lee

Unknown said...

That is too amazing and beautiful I must say. I really liked that idea of making bracelet. It is trendy and attractive.
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