Friday, February 1, 2013

Bracelet Completed

The bracelet is now finished.
The first step in completing was to cut a piece of felt the same size and shape of the leather...using the same pattern. A little dab of E6000 glue helps to keep it in place so the edge can be beaded.
Using black beading thread and seed beads, the edge is covered in a simple slip stitch. I'm stitching about every 1/16th of an inch around the edge. Pick up a bead, take a stitch...pick up a bead, take a stitch...over and over again.
  The thread is ended with a couple of tiny stitches that cross each other to form a knot; the the needle is carried between the leather and felt and exits about an inch away. Cut the thread.
Hopefully, Sommer will enjoy her bracelet.
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