Monday, February 4, 2013

Productive but... Not Productive

This weekend I got a lot of things finished...however, none of them were on my To-Do List.
Aidan was here all we created Valentine Cards.
Actually, she did most all of the work...and I helped only in punching the corners for the cards that were 2-ply paper...which were too thick for her to get the punch to work. Oh, and I contributed the spelling of some words...hugs! (See the corner of my card, that's Aidan's drawing of me, her, and Buddy. Aren't I slim? Ha!)
 We also made a necklace and earrings. The necklace is a gift to my daughter's boyfriend's mother. Wow, say that fast three times! "Mamma T" is the lady's name (we have not really met). But, she is being very kind and generous to my grand-daughter...and certainly very worthy of some of my I was happy to contribute all of the supplies! We created three strands and put them together into a necklace. Aidan did the middle strand with the little pendant.
 See the little bear? Aidan says that Mamma T loves, she shall have one on her necklace too. Aidan also re-learned about "patterns" and "repeats" while we worked.
Aidan went back home yesterday afternoon...with an arm load of cards and gifts!
The dog and I were worn out! But, in a good way...and we both slept late this morning!
All is good in my world today...and I hope that it is in yours as well!

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