Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Circle #3

Here's my third circle completed for the January part of the Crazy Quilt Journal Project for 2013. I'm still working on the smallest size circles, so the amount of space for seams is restricted...and I'm finding that a little difficult for the the seams I randomly "assigned" to each circle in the design phase of my project. But, oh well, I shall continue to create with the restrictions I've set for myself.
  The first seam is #115. I used a 4mm pearl with a seed bead for the large circle area in the design from my book. And seed beads were used in place of the French Knot stitches too.
The second seam is #124, and it was hard to get the butterflies in such a small space. This is one seam that should really have more space to spread out. Again, seed beads are used where the French Knots are shown in the design.
The last seam is #102 and is done in a wrapped back stitch. A little 2mm pearl is added as the substitute for the French Knot stitch in the center of the design.