Sunday, January 13, 2013

Circle #2 Completed

Last night,  managed to finish the second little circle I'm working for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project, 2013 Challenge. I'm using only the seam designs in my book, Embellishing Crazy Quilts. Some of them are getting a little tweaking if I see the need in the specific circle it happens to be included on...and most are getting beads...well, just because! You really don't need a reason to add beads.

This is seam #145, and I added small Rocaille beads instead of French Knots at the top of this blanket stitch seam. The spokes are close together, too close for seed beads...and the size #15 little Rocaille is just right.

This is seam #43, and I added size #11 seed beads instead of French Knots in this design too. I also amended the seam to add some pink straight stitches next to the chain...just to widen the seam a little bit. And that gave me the opportunity to add some pink pull the eye a little from all the pink in the blanket stitch seam close by.

Lastly, for this little circle, this is seam #23. The cluster of French Knots was replaced with a 7mm flower spacer bead.

Most of my beads (and all three of these specific ones) were purchased at Fire Mountain Gems if you have the need for some new beads. Just search for the type of bead you are looking for, and you're sure to get loads of possibilities! 

If you are keeping up with the Move and Repair and Rent Out saga going on in my life right now...we got the ceiling fans and kitchen cabinets cleaned today; Sis (Anna) got the insulation installed in the attic; brother (John) and BIL (Shawn) got the leak at the hot water heater fixed, the back cement steps leveled, and screen put over the attic venting areas. Tracy and I decided not to paint today...with so much going on...we didn't want lovely "dust paint" walls. So, tomorrow we go back to paint and clean the floors in the kitchen.
There are still little things to replace, but they'll get done over time. So, one more day...of real work, and Shawn's mother can move in. They'll be doing that next weekend...but, I'll only be observing! Yeah! (Famous last words I'm sure...especially if my Sis reads this!)

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