Saturday, January 12, 2013

Checking Things Off My List...

Managed to get the first of many CQJP2013 circles finished...and am working on the second one tonight. Today, we did not get any painting done...because Sommer showed up early in the day, and we loaded the rest of the boxes and furniture. Here is the last load heading to the new was sad to see the truck pull out of the yard. But, life goes on...and the world keeps turning...and children have to make their own lifes. I made sure to corner Kyle and asked him to make sure that Aidan gets to visit...cause Nana is already missing her. She starts a new school next week, so I'll be calling to hear all about that for sure!
 My middle brother came today and got a new set of steps finished. The other set was a bit worn and rickety...perfectly okay for sure footed folks. But, Shaun's mother has problems controlling her diabetes and has already lost part of her her footing is not so steady. These steps are closer together and much more solid. 
One more day of cleaning (ceiling fans and floors...and paint that awful lime green living room!) and my back, shoulders, and wrists can get back to their normal...calm existance.
Hugs to you all! We are scheduled for rain for the next couple of days...then these wonderful 70 degree temps are plunging down to the 40's. Now, I know that 40 is not very cold for some of you...but it is here!
The insects are so confused...we saw a bumble bee today!

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Gerry said...

Most of us have too much on our plate, but you seem to have a knack for juggling several over-loaded plates. LOL.

I could feel the relief from your progress in your post. As well as that 'nana' seperation. Hang in there!

The block is lovely. I've almost got my blocks pieced. I've gotten very spoiled working on squares. They are so quick and easy.

Also wishing you warmer weather. Our temps have been below zero over night and early morning. If we get above freezing during the day, I'm thrilled.