Thursday, January 10, 2013

Just Hanging On!

I think I know how this little guy feels! I'm barely hanging on myself...and realizing just how tired and out of shape this body of mine is! My shoulders hurt...making my arms and hands go numb without notice. My lower back is killing me...and my hips hurt too! Way too much bending, lifting, stretching and just general work in packing out my daughters place...and the cleaning has just started as well.
Went to see the chiropractor yesterday because I could barely walk without hurting...and she took three series of x-rays. Everything...but my ankles...needed adjusting. I feel much better today...and took the day off from anything that even sounded like "work". I can't even stitch for very long because the tips of my fingers go numb...which means the carpel tunnel has been aggravated. Pinched nerves all over the place in my back, shoulders. My entire alignment is off...I go back for a second visit tomorrow morning. Loving my ice packs!
After the doctor's visit, I have to go clean the oven at the apartment...I sprayed it day-before-yesterday with oven cleaner; hoping that it would be an "easier" job of cleaning. We shall see tomorrow! Then, that's the last of the "big" cleaning tasks for me...just wiping down things after that.
We are scheduled for rain every day for the next, don't know when Sommer's boyfriend will be able to come and collect the last truckload of their things...especially the king size bed!
I still have to paint the living room after the cleaning is finished...and hope to do that on Saturday...but, will see how I'm feeling.
Progress has been made however, I did get the fridge and microwave cleaned; and wiped down the dryer and washer. Tracy (SIL) has been such a blessing...she cleaned the bathroom and is working on the floors. And she and I packed every single piece of paper, dish, article of clothing, and any other objects in the house since my daughter is also "down for the count...due to her fractured tail bone". (Of course, that doesn't excuse the fact that she has been "moved out" for the past two months...but has not bothered to pack anything except her initial set of clothes in that entire timeframe). But...don't get my muse stirred up....she could go on for hours on this subject of "irresponsible children".
Hoping, praying, and thinking that we should be in good shape within a week...regarding the cleaning.
The holdups will be the furniture moving...and the painting.
So, keep me in your thoughts and prayers...that this ole body will last! And, that I don't choke my daughter or her boyfriend before it's all done!
Kids...gotta love em!
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