Monday, February 25, 2013

Ornate Vintage Alphabet Monogram - AB

Aren't these letters just gorgeous! These are vintage and protected by the Creative Commons can be distributed...but not sold. So, share if you like on your own blog too!
I'll post them over the next few days.
They are very detailed, and would be gorgeous as embroidery pieces. A lot of work...but, oh so worth it!
I'm adding at least one of these to my "To Do List" for sure!
I'll schedule these to post over the next few days...while I continue to plug along on my applique "Jingle" quilt. Maybe I'll have something finished to share by the end of the week.
Oh, as this is a true vintage alphabet...there is no letter "I" or letter "W" in it. You'll have to adapt another letter to replace these. Suggestions are the letter "M" inverted for a "W"; and the vertical post of the letter "K" for the letter "I".
Left click the photo and then select "view photo". From there, you can save or print the jpeg type file.


Mary Sawyer said...

Oh, I like these. How about the letter "M" next? hahaha
Is there somewhere where I can find the whole alphabet?

Mary in Oregon

Shawkl said...

Stay tuned Mary...I've loaded them ALL at a time this week. So, in just a few'll have the entire alphabet. Hugs, Kathy

Denise :) said...

So ... did you ever figure out *why* the vintage alphabets are without the "I" and "M"?! I guess I could google it myself ... I just wondered if it was something you knew! :)

bri68 said...

What a gorgeous alphabet!
Thanks for sharing

bri68 said...

What a gorgeous alphabet...thanks for sharing