Sunday, April 21, 2013

CQJP2013 - April Block Completed

My challenge to myself this year for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project is to create a large panel with many circles with crazy quilt seams only. The seams will document the designs in Embellishing Crazy Quilts, and provide me a way to showcase those seams...other than the long linear sampler I first stitched as the seams were designed. Some seams have additional beads, or changes to fit the space of the circle. Eventually, the project will be a shower curtain cover in my bath I'm front of the plastic liner so it won't get wet of course.
Here are the seams by number used in this block:
 Seam #41
Seam #63
Seam #64
Seam #73
Seam #74
Seam #77
Seam #79
Seam #80
Seam #98
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