Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stupid, stupid, stupid...

 ...and very lucky! This evening, while trying to "loosen" some fudge from a backing dish so it could be washed...with a large sharp knife (did I say stupid?) released...and went into my left palm. Fortunate for me that it did not go all the way through my hand. The cut is about a half an inch long and about a quarter inch deep. Hurts like heck! But, the bleeding stopped after a few minutes of pressure...and now I have some anti-biotic ointment on it and a bandage. Will get another bandaid on it before going to bed.
Don't try to loosen up stuck food from your baking dishes with a long sharp large knife!
Seriously, I need a keeper!!!
  And no...I didn't want to eat the fudge...just get it all out and in the trash.
Edited to add: Check out my bandage cover. Isn't it stylish? It's an old sock that Aidan has outgrown...the toe and heal have been cut out for my fingers and thumb. And, it's pretty comfortable.
I think I have a new quilting glove too!
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