Sunday, May 26, 2013

Aidan's First Embroidery UnderWay! -- Grandma Alert!

School is out for the summer...and Aidan is here this week. She wanted to do some embroidery work since I was working on this quilt design by Jenny of Elefantz (above). So, I gave her the rose floral design I did last week. It is in draft...but would be cute done as a colored pencil item for a pillow on her bed. So we started by me ironing some freezer paper to a piece of linen fabric, then I taped the pattern to the back of the freezer paper. Aidan used the light table to trace the design on to the fabric. The freezer paper helped to keep the fabric flat so she could trace easily. Here is the design after she had traced it, and after she completed the color pencil work.
Next, she is stitching the outline of the leaves in green perle size 8. This will take a few days, then she'll do the flower petals next. 
She knows that it will take her a while to get it done, but she's still stitching this I have high hopes that she'll get it done eventually! She is doing a I'm using on Jenny's design above.

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Erin Winslow aka Itsbugart said...

It looks like she is about the same age I was when I started doing embroidery! 40 years later I am still "at it" and I hope your grandchild is the same. :-)