Woot! Woot! I accomplished it!

Finally, I figured out how to change this signature for posts! Now, all I have to do is get the size correct so it can be read! 
After searching and searching through the HTML Template language...it was not there at all! It was just too easy...as I found the old code on my basic setup pages instead! Geez! 
Edited to Add: Yea! I'm still smarter than my laptop...barely! Hugs!


Sheila said...

It's perfect, I love it :)

Holee said...

You're good! When they changed I couldn't figure out how to make a new background or header so it is what it is...then I lost my music. There is a way to put the music back on...but I can't figure it out. If they change anything else I guess I won't have a header at all...geez, I've never been good with computers although I can run a table saw and nail gun just fine.

Joy McCarty said...

I like your new signature Kathy.