Tuesday, May 21, 2013

HGTV Round Robin Continues - Sailboats & Dolphin Finished

A little tiny sailboat was also added to the mix of applique & embroidery sailboat and dolphin. The seams are almost done and the mermaid cabochon added. Next, I'm adding shells, buttons, and beads clustered and trailed long the bottom of the block. I'm thinking "sea floor" so there might be a little anchor in the mix as well! It might take a couple of days to get all those beads stitched down, but...here is where I am right now.
 I like the applique with embroidery accents more and more when I look at this block, and think that I'll be doing some other blocks with this technique too!
You can click the photo to enlarge it so you can see the stitching around the dolphin and boat. Now, doesn't that add some more interest to the monochromatic type theme? I'm thinking so.....

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