Wednesday, May 22, 2013

HGTV Round Robin - First Round Completed

All of the buttons and beads are now sewn on Mary's block...the first of a Round of Robins I'll be working on over the next couple of months. Mary wanted a nautical type the cluster of buttons, beads, and charms were something I knew that I wanted to do. To balance all of that "stuff" the seam opposite the cluster has large glass flower beads added...except, these beads are up-side-down. Why? Because they look a bit like starfish when they are turned over, and fit the theme pretty well...and were the perfect color. The applique sailboat and dolphin were done first...then I added a second smaller little applique sailboat to look like a distant image...and it filled in a little blank space very nicely.
The little seaturtle charm makes a transition for the eye to travel from all those buttons/beads over to the seam treatment...and hopefully around the block once the other ladies have had a chance to stitch more seams and motifs as the block travels around.
Here are some closeups for I know how important it is for us to really be able to see the work done on these crazy quilt projects.
I hope a little something will help or inspire you in your work as well. And, if you don't like something...that's okay...we all have different tastes and ideas. Hugs!


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