Friday, June 7, 2013

A bit morbid?

This is another idea I had lately...and I'm not sure if it is just a bit too morbid for folks...or not?
Several of my friends have lost their mother or another close family member lately...and that has got me to thinking about my own death. Hopefully, not for decades more...but, it is certainly something that will happen at some time...there's no escaping that.
And...that lead me to thinking about all of the service members we have lost...and their caskets, covered with the American flag...traveling back home. 
And...that lead me to thinking about a cover for my own casket...not a flag...but a quilt. After all, quilting has been a huge part of my why not celebrate that along with my life as I am remembered by family and friends before going home myself.
It would be in place of a blanket of real flowers (or silk flowers)...and my family could keep it or send the quilt off with me if they wished.
What do you think? A good idea? Or too morbid for you?
Also, wondering about what to do in the middle...leave it blank for some nice hand quilting? Or embroidery something in the center?
If embroidery...what to do?...a hymn? a poem? a scripture?
I can't decide about the, am left thinking about that.
The inside border will be applique absolute joy of working on.
The outside border will be crazy quilt seams...also, a purely blissful pastime of mine.
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