Friday, June 7, 2013

A bit morbid?

This is another idea I had lately...and I'm not sure if it is just a bit too morbid for folks...or not?
Several of my friends have lost their mother or another close family member lately...and that has got me to thinking about my own death. Hopefully, not for decades more...but, it is certainly something that will happen at some time...there's no escaping that.
And...that lead me to thinking about all of the service members we have lost...and their caskets, covered with the American flag...traveling back home. 
And...that lead me to thinking about a cover for my own casket...not a flag...but a quilt. After all, quilting has been a huge part of my why not celebrate that along with my life as I am remembered by family and friends before going home myself.
It would be in place of a blanket of real flowers (or silk flowers)...and my family could keep it or send the quilt off with me if they wished.
What do you think? A good idea? Or too morbid for you?
Also, wondering about what to do in the middle...leave it blank for some nice hand quilting? Or embroidery something in the center?
If embroidery...what to do?...a hymn? a poem? a scripture?
I can't decide about the, am left thinking about that.
The inside border will be applique absolute joy of working on.
The outside border will be crazy quilt seams...also, a purely blissful pastime of mine.


Melody said...

Maybe a bit morbid but worth thinking about.

Quayceetatter said...

When we get to our age and have seen my own mom's passing this year, you think, we are next!! We will be cremated and will have a lined, CQ box put into another bigger box. Flowers are a waste of money, put it to good use in your community. I want some flowers planted on the grave site. It will also have some of our own DNA. Morbid perhaps been watching too many detective shows!!LOL

Holee said...

Too morbid...I'd rather see you put all those items you have to use..maybe make labels for them and include their name so they end up with them. You said you have a draw full of CQ blocks..maybe frame them for family members... I can see Aidan having a total melt down over a casket quilt...since she spent a lot of time seeing you quilt. I'd want to leave her with those good memories and not finalize your life with a quilty statement. JMO

Marcy said...

Sounds like a good idea to me. My mom crocheted an bright orange afghan for a family friend. Orange was her fav color. The friend loved it so much, that when she died, she was covered and buried with it. Me, I want a New Orleans style funeral.

Mary Sawyer said...

I don't think it is morbid. I like the idea. If I was you, I would make the center very personalized to you. What are your likes? Favorite quote? etc.. you get the idea.
I am going to pass this idea along to my stitching group. But will give you the credit for the idea.

Who knows you may have come up with a marketable idea. Etsy? Custom Orders?

Mary in Oregon

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Not the least bit morbid in my opinion. To me death, although sad, is also something to be celebrated - having faith the afterlife in heaven helps. When my dad (at the age of 89) passed away we sent him off with a whoopee cushion and a bottle of ketchup (both of which were family jokes). Having a lovely piece of art such as you're thinking about is wonderful!

KatieQ said...

I don't think it's morbid. I like the idea. In our church the casket is covered with a liturgical cloth during the funeral Mass. I think funeral flower arrangements are a waste. I would much rather my casket be draped with something I made.

Arlene Delloro said...

I was recently at a museum to see a quilt exhibit. One of the quilts was a crazy quilted cloth that was made to cover a coffin. The shape was clearly made for that purpose. While it was beautiful, I think I'd rather not work on one for myself (of course if some quilter friend wants to make one for me....)

kitblu said...

Not at all morbid - in fact more people should plan ahead to make their funeral and/or wake special and of their own design. A memorial quilt is a fantastic idea!!! I agree with Mary about the centre piece.
Leave it to someone special or ask for it to be donated to a homeless shelter, a museum, a quilt shop, etc.
Again I agree with Mary about passing on the idea. I think I will adopt it myself - thank you.

Jane S. said...

No, that's not morbid at all. In fact it makes good sense as you'll be deciding what you'd like while you're still able to do so. It also takes some pressure off your loved ones if you take care of some of the details beforehand.

It sounds like a very special quilt...I hope you decide to do it and that you'll post pictures. :)

Thearica said...

I sent my mother off with the quilt made with the blocks several of the quilters from HGTV sent her to work on while she recovered from her first surgery. It was draped over the end of the casket and the beautiful rose wreath was laying on top of it... You could not have asked for a more beautiful way to send her off. She loved quilts and I could not leave it behind.

elsie123 said...

I think it's a fine idea. My plans are to be cremated, but I wouldn't mind there being something I made as part of the service. Seems I read in one book, maybe by Jennifer Chiaverini, that the deceased's friends walked into the funeral carrying quilts she had made. Made me smile to think of it.

I say go for it if that's something that speaks to you.

Eileene said...

I don't think its morbid at all. I think it has a warm fuzzy feeling. The people there will remember you and the works you've done by seeing the quilt at the service. I think this is a product that may appeal to others as a memory thing. People may even want to buy one for the lost loved one. Sounds good to me. Great idea of yours. OF course you always are thinking of others and this proves it .hehehe