Friday, June 14, 2013

A Techno Challenging Day Already!

We had storms late yesterday afternoon. So, I shut down my laptop and modem and unplugged them after they finished turning off. This morning, I plugged back in...and started up. My laptop came on just did not have my screen saver picture of Aidan on the front...or some of my icons. I had no My Documents either...and No Photos. Believe me, for a few heart just stopped! Okay, maybe half a second...I was in a panic.
Then, I realized that some of my programs were also not showing on my front page home screen....and the one's that were missing were all loaded on my external drive. My photos and documents are also on my external drive. Now, I really was this drive is "supposed" to be my backup!
So, I calmed down...said a little prayer...and restarted everything. All came back okay.
Next, I took my phone into the Studio to take some pictures of my three little stuffed animals I got finished yesterday...and the camera no longer works! Yikes! My 35mm died a couple of years ago...and I've been using my cellphone camera ever since. Actually, I've liked the photo quality a LOT better than with the auto 35mm I had. So, I went online to Verizon and upgraded and got a new phone be shipped hopefully, I won't be without a camera for long.
Lucky timing in a way...because Aidan is visiting, and has her IPAD with her. So, I took some photos with that. As soon as the "Diva" finishes her oatmeal...she will email the photos to me...and I'll post them.
The day has to get better! Surely all of my crises have been dealt with this morning.
Hope you are having a great start to a great day!!

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

The answer was Breathe Deep and Carry On. The world is right again...well, maybe just your corner of it ~lol~