Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Small, Medium, Large?

Sometimes I wonder if you live in a space that is small, medium, or large? Mine is small...but not tiny. I have lived in a Studio Apartment before...and that is tiny! I also lived in a 3-story with a gloriously large sewing room...but that is in the past too (and yes, I still miss that house!). This week, these walls really felt like they were closing in on me...because we have two new beds in the house.
Aidan's twin bed was just too small for her...so I got a full-size bed for her. Isn't the bedspread just hideous?! But, she love it because it shines...and cost an entire $10...need I say more! She likes it...and that's what really matters...so, I'll tolerate it. See the white curved thing in the bottom right...that's the corner of my bed. We sleep very closely together in this tiny space. Here is my bed...an old antique iron bedstead which I really love...and it is REALLY heavy! The bookshelves are a temporary fixture...they should be here beside the bed. But, since we moved Aidan's twin bed out yesterday...we also decided to shampoo the carpet in the bedroom. We pulled everything out from under my bed (don't ask...it's a lot!)...and my mattress/springs and a couple of night stands...and Sommer came over and helped me with the rented carpet shampoo machine. We didn't move the large bookcases next to my bed...we were too tired!
So, today...after Aidan's bed was delivered...my SIL Tracy came up and helped me with shampooing just the area inside the door and along the side of my bed...so the bookcase is "resting" until the carpet dries more before pushing the dresser base back in place. Then the bookcase is the top portion.
Aidan's old bed went into the office. And to accommodate that...her small desk had to come out. The table in the sewing room also went in, and is not my office desk. There had to be a smaller work table put in the sewing room...because of the second bed.

This is a Cadillac of baby swings...and I got a great deal on it from Ebay. It takes up a lot of space...and several little shifts of furniture later...here is where I'm stitching...on my oversized ironing board.
 It might look weird, but is about 2 foot wide and 6 feet long...so is plenty of room. I also have a 4 ft x 4 ft cutting table in the sewing room and a 1 ft x 5 ft table at the top of this ironing board...where all of my little supplies are "stacked". But, I'm right there next to the baby during the day...so that is so convenient!
And look how peaceful Brady is sleeping in his swing. The photo is blurry...because the swing was...well...swinging. But, even a bad picture can't hide the pure bless of a good nap!

Buddy is temporarily displaced until I figure out where to put this bed. But, don't feel bad for him...this is one of three beds he has to choose from...and that doesn't count the bottom of our own large beds where he also catches a nap throughout the day! Right now, he's on the bottom of the twin bed...now in the office...so he's cool with all the moving around. Mostly, he's just glad that "things" are starting to be stationary...and not moving all over the place! Now, to just get that bookcase off my bed before I need to crawl into it!
Aidan slept on my boxsprings/mattress temporarily in the living room last night...and I took the twin bed in the office. With all of the moving and cleaning...and scrunching up to sleep...my back is not happy right now! I will be a happy camper to get back into my own bed tonight.
So, here's a question for you...
Do you ever move/replace one thing...and it causes you to move a dozen more things around in your house?
(Please tell me you do...I don't want to be all alone in having this happen!)



Carol- Beads and Birds said...

O Gosh, of course we ALL DO. Off and on for the last 18 years my daughter and her two boys have moved in and out of our house...bringing all her furniture etc. along. I would just get my sewing room "MY" room re-configured and back in they'd come. But we have always been grateful that we can provide for a single mother trying very hard to make it while working hard and receiving no support. I know YOU know what this all envolves. But, like you, our grandchildren made it all worth the shifting.
xx, Carol

Sheila said...

Kathy, it happens all the time in my house. We had a giant entertainment center sitting in the middle of our front room for months! I needed to move a roll top desk and library table, before it got moved.

Holee said...

You know how we like tables in my house. We got rid of the sofa because it was too low for me to sit on, leaving a huge space. This week we got a huge oak table at auction and now that's where the sofa sat. Now I have machines on all 3 floors of the house. The kitchen table that is 9 feet long has no room on it to even have dinner so we now have 2 TV tables for that purpose. Sewing and crafts of all kinds are most important in my house and of course Dave's sewing machine repairs/cleaning and all the other things he works on. I have a new single bed in the attic sewing room but it's stacked with fabric that I'm "using" right now. Long ago I sold my bedroom furniture to make room for tables! Yep, we are always moving stuff around to make room for more and it does cause a traffic jam for awhile.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

In our house we call that phenomenon the 'galloping ick', meaning it's icky to have to gallop things hither, thither and yon to find new homes.

Denise :) said...

Oh Kathy ... there isn't a whole lot of room to introduce new things in our space ... but if we ever get a dishwasher, there will be a lot of scrambling to reorganize displaced things!! And let me assure you, when you live in a 5th wheel, it takes a lot less than a bed to throw the whole place into chaos! :)

Jen said...

that baby is SO CUTE!! How about more pictures of him :) Sorry about your moving woes and back pains!

Eileene said...

OMG yes I do have to move everything. I've always had to move everything in order to clean really good. Makes Frank crazy cause he never knows where his chair is or where I moved the bed. hehehe When we were first married (40 years ago) I knew he wanted a bedside table so I found one at a yard sale and moved the bed over about 18 ". He came running down the hall and did a belly flop right Beside the bed. I 'bout laughed my butt off. hehehe

Arlene White said...

Hey Buddy, your not alone, when I got my new cupboards for belated Christmas present, I too had to re arrange my craft room. Hubby isn't all that happy now, as some of my excess stuff had to end up in his 'junk room'. I also had to downsize my working table to fit it all in.... so were now looking for a bigger house, with a craft room..... or as hubby and son say it, were looking for a new craft room for mum....

and yes, would love to see more of bub.