Sunday, July 14, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again.....

Okay, if your are young...or not a fan of American Western might not get the title...which is a part to a cowboy song. But, I'm back home again. The trip to Huntsville was so very much fun for me! Kim was a wonderful hostess and has the coolest family! The ladies at the Madison guild were very gracious and I really enjoyed sharing my crazy journey with them on Thursday night. The gals that signed up for the crazy quilt class on Saturday just were a hoot! I enjoyed the class even more than them I think! We had a wonderful time stitching and and with each other!
I also did my part to help the local economy...and found some treasures!
My Jingle applique quilt was in need of some additional red, yellow, and I'm thinking these will be just great!
There is a plan for a Sunbonnet Sue I needed some 30's fabrics to create that.

My ideas for the applique medallion pattern include using batiks for the flowers...and I really scored with these colors!
Lastly, I found some beads for hatpins and even a couple that will make great cabochons! Plus, some needles, glue pen, and other treasures! It's nice to have a chance to shop and actually touch the fabric...instead of buying on-line. 
Oh wait, I almost forgot...these lucious fibers and threads! I'm just going to love working with these on my crazy quilt projects!
Thanks again Kim and all the ladies of Madison/Huntsville for such a wonderful visit!


Sew so crazy! said...

Wow, looks like you had a great day ! Enjoy all your goodies!

Holee said...

That was some shopping trip! Love the fibers.

SeeingStars said...

I had such a good time too! Thanks so much for carving out the time to come up for a visit. I hope your family and dog have recovered from your absence.

Yesterday, on our 12 hr trip, I found some time to stitch on my CQ sampler - just some embroidery. The beading will have to wait till I can spread things out a little easier. Those french knot flowers are so fun to make. And the perl works so well.

Our ladies in the class had a great time. I think we all took the "Crazy" part of the class title as a personal challenge. We're usually more well behaved than that. Or maybe not.

You found more treasures than I remembered! Glad you had a little shopping spree with no shipping fees and no waiting for delivery.

I picked up small stuff on the beach today that could become a cabashon (sp?). I'll save them for inspiration.
- Kim

Unknown said...

I just love the fabrics you bought. When I was in the Rocky Mountains I found a lovely shop at Grand Lake but only had a few minutes to look would have loved to seen the fabrics. Didn't manage to find anymore fabrics shops in my travels around your wonderful country. Joy....NZ