Friday, August 16, 2013

Center of CQ Piece Done...maybe

Okay, I know that when you look at are most likely gonna say "what does she mean, Maybe? couldn't fit anything else in this!". Yes, this is an encrusted it has a lot going on in it. But, well, my muse wants to add some snails and ants and who knows what else. I'm resisting...but in the end...I usually give maybe there will be other changes. If so, they will be minor. 
Also, the blocks are still in the frame because I have yet to decide what type of border to put on them. I'm leaning towards framing the piece...but my muse wants a dyed lace border. Either (or some other idea entirely) will take more, for now...the project will be put aside until I/We make up our minds.

If you've been following might remember that the very, very beginning of this project was not a project really at all. It was a 6" block round robin over at HGTV Message Board. The ladies did a very nice job of completing four blocks. One of the blocks I have kept aside as a label for a different project. Three of the blocks are included here, or at least parts of them. And a blank block that had not been worked was completed entirely (the upper right one above).
Now, you might be someone that "doesn't touch" other folks work...but, I'm not that way. While I certainly appreciate very much what someone else stitches for is not always a good "fit" for a project once I decide what to do with my returned round robin blocks. Especially, when I decide to combine several blocks into one single block...then, what looks great on a single block might not work well with the other "partner blocks"...and has to be removed or altered. That is what happened here.
So many additional elements are included in this project...that the three ladies that helped by stitching the upper left, lower left, and lower right blocks might not even recognize their original seams or motifs. 
I've included the Full Block, the Upper Left, Upper Right, Lower Left, and Lower Right in this post in that order. 
And the remaining photos are some closeups for your enjoyment (hopefully). 
So, here's a question for you: "When you receive round robin blocks you ever alter them to suit your own taste or project needs? Or do you keep them 'as-is' even though you would rather have something different on them? Or do you leave them 'as-is' and stack them back somewhere...because you don't want to alter someone else's stitching?
As the owner of the block...I have no qualms about changing any block received. Obviously, as you can see from these photos. My personal feeling is that the person creating the stitching put their best effort to it, and I enjoyed seeing what their vision was and how they approached the block. Often, I'm even inspired by what others have done. But, if I'm going to put the blocks to use...and I own them...and I am the person to view them for years to come...then I want them to fit my style, vision, purpose, etc. So, I change whatever I want. That doesn't mean I didn't appreciate the blocks beginnings...just that I want it to evolve to something I'd enjoy even more.
How do you feel and treat round robin blocks you receive?
Sending hugs out to you today!


kitblu said...

I have never done a round robin but I am with you on making changes.
I so love the birds and butterflies that embellish these blocks.

margaret said...

the blocks have so much to see on them really lovely. I am taking part in my first RR with a group called embroidery friends, it is an embroidered block as opposed to a crazy one, unfortunately the lady who is meant to be forwarding the blocks to me still has not done hers, waiting patiently as we started them in june, wondering what my block will look like when it comes back as my theme is the garden, I started mine with a bird table. Maybe I will alter it but maybe it will be just beautiful and it is only one block so will not need to tie in with anything else.

Annette said...

BEAUTIFUL well that about says it all in my book and all the pretties on the blocks oh my. Course you know you can never have to many pretties in my book Thanks for sharing with us. Kathy.xo