Pretty Fairy Silkies

Saturday, the postman brought me these beautiful little silkie mermaids...I'm going to have loads of fun creating with these as my inspiration! Thank you Annette for such a delightful surprise. If you have not seen Annette's work before, check out her website...she is a very talented artist!
Her gift inspired me to finishe up a little giftee for a friend. Four little pillows to adorn a shelf, fill a basket, or sprinkle over a bedspread. The words are from my Aussie pal Jenny's blog...Elefantz.


Annette said...

So glad you liked them Kathy. Keep up the beautiful work that inspires us so . xo

Annette said...

Oh me, I clicked done and done before I got to say about the cute little pillows. Love their daintiness and freshness of them. xo