Monday, August 5, 2013

Daisy Monogram - C

The "C" is done in blanket stitch. Frankly, this stitch is probably one of my least favorite stitches...and I need to overcome that by using it more. Therefore, I felt that the gentle curve of the letter "C" would be a best canditate for using this stitch. And, by the end...I was enjoying the stitching a wee bit more...but have not yet "fallen in love" with it yet! Hugs!
The daisies are done is double detached chain stitches. Simple as can be!
Here's the layout design for you. Enjoy!


Holee said...

I hate doing the blanket stitch. It just never looks right...but you have it perfect. Of course that's what we expect from you!

margaret said...

thanks, another block to save for stitching at a later date. Your blanket stitch looks perfect to me.