Friday, August 2, 2013

Thanks Kayla, Mary, and Erma

My monochromatic block returned home yesterday from the HGTV Message Board round robin...and the ladies did a really fine job! Isn't it just pretty? Thanks again to Kayla, Erma, and Mary!



Renee said...

The block is absolutely gorgeous!

Holee said...

Very pretty. I have to wait for one more round to get mine back. I think we picked winners with the neutral colors. My doll project came to a halt when my serger stopped working. I know it's a setting but after hours of trying to fix it I gave up and ordered a new one. But...I'm still cutting out and oh the hats! Those are coming along and I'd put them up against any UK fascinater! Wait until you see them..they are fun! Now onto shoes and boots!

elsie123 said...

The block looks really great. What will you do with it? Do they usually get framed? Although I did get to see your wonderful tote with the regal lady, so I know they can be functional..