Saturday, August 3, 2013


For some reason, this week has just flown by! And, my needlecrafts have been mostly little piddling things while the baby was sleeping. Piddling is just like doodling...except you do it with a needle and thread...instead of pencil and paper! Ha! 
No pattern, no real design plan, just stitch whatever comes to your mind. I decided to use some scrapes of felt and the threads, beads, ribbon that was just laying on my work table to cover some bits of wood. Not at all sure what to do with these now that they are done. Well, the roses still need a smidge of ribbon glued around the edge to be done....but, close enough for posting.
Today, I'm off to clean up my sewing area it is a cluttered mess!



Holee said...

pretty...I'm not much for ocean scenes, mermaids or fish but I love the roses! Hard to do anything with a baby to care for. I am amazed at what you do get done.

liniecat said...

Such lovely roses!
Now piddling here in Yorkshire is either when its piddling with rain...or when youve wet yourself !!
Aint words fun lol

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm thinking fridge magnets??

margaret said...

some good piddling here, the word means something so different here in the UK! I also enjoy just stitching, find it easier than following instructions. The roses are lovely.