Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fans Block for Colleen

Now that the binding for my brothers quilt is finished...I'm back on stitching my part of the three crazy quilt round robins I'm currently signed up for. This block is "Fans" and is for my pal Colleen. It's a bit non-traditional...but, so is Colleen. I think she will like it. 
The roses in the fan blade section are from a piece of vintage lace that I dissected just to get these blooms. The vines are a mix of three light green and two teal. The teal is an accent color I picked up from the hand-dyed lace that I chose to use in the "handle" area of the fan. 
There is silk ribbon only in the handle area. Pearls, crystals...and some metallic accents are scattered everywhere.


Marilyn said...

Awesome job Kathy. I've been trying to decide which part I like best and I can't pick just one - I like it all the best.

margaret said...

love the vintage look you have got here on the fans