Friday, October 18, 2013

Whew! A long week...and a wee surprise!

It's been a long week...and I'll tell you more about that in a minute. First, a little wee surprise today from Rosalyn B. of New Jersey...these lovely pieces from some formal gowns and a cute little set of buttons. Thanks so much Rosalyn...I so needed a smile today, and your sweet gift was just the thing!

I've been working on my brother's king size quilt this week. It just came back from the machine quilter...and honesty, I gave her a real problem. Not intentional...but the backing was way too narrow so she had to add fabric to it. I'm so glad that she understood and did that for, I'm working to get the binding on. First the binding was came attaching it to the quilt. Let me say...when you have a tiny little space to work in...a king size quilt is just a big ole bear!
Then, I trimmed the backing up to the edge and decided to use the serger to overlock the edge. I read somewhere that this helped to flatten the quilt and made rolling the binding over easier. Well, it does do that...but the corners are a bit tricky...and of course I messed that up, and had to do a little needle magic to make mine even look adequate. Good thing my brother is not a critic...and doesn't sew.
So, today...I'm finishing up the last side of the quilt...sewing the binding down to the hand. Then, I discover that about 1/2" of the backing has been trimmed too close. Not by me...but by the quilter, probably by mistake I'm sure. Most likely, she was taking if off the frame...late at night...and didn't realize her scissors were catching on some of the backing near the trim line. So, now...I've got to go and add a piece of backing to the hand...before finishing the binding. This is quickly turning into one of my "quilts from hell" in my memory!
So, Rosalyn...I needed a nice thing to happen today...and you did that for me! THANKS!


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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sometimes I think we need a project such as this one, just to remind us to be humble!