Monday, October 14, 2013

Lattice Monogram Pattern

Lately, I've been really interested in different types of monograms. You might have noticed that I've been sharing these as free patterns on my Craftsy page. Well, here is one more for you! These are lattice monograms, and can be used for lot's of embroidery filling stitches. If you reduce them, they would be adorable as pin cushions, scissor fobs, or tiny little giftees. Work a little harder and create them as goldwork on velvet! That would be spectacular!
I decided to create a larger framed piece with silk ribbon for a special frame gifted to me. It will be completed soon and I'll show you the framed work. For is the stitched part anyway!
I just used plain perle cotton and embroidered the letter "S" in stem stitch, then used simple straight stitches to do both directions of the lattice work...lastly, I tacked down the intersections of the lattice with teensy "x" straight stitches. 

This ribbon design is also included in the pattern as an oval and as a two different sizes.

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